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New fun running accessory

2 Aug

Since I’ve been running with my iPhone (which doubles as an iPod), I thought it might be time to find a better way to take it along with me while running.  I had been holding it in my hand and since I live in Florida and it’s hot outside, my hands would quickly become sweaty and I could feel the phone slipping.  This always made me nervous. I kept having visions of dropping the phone and the screen shattering into a million pieces.  I finally took some initiative, went online and found an awesome solution.

I purchased an arm band.  Sounds simple, but this one is great!  This arm band comes with a clip, a case, a screen protector, and a wipe cloth for your screen–all for $21.70 plus shipping!  The Marware SportShell Convertible Arm Ban ford iPhone 3G/3Gs works well because I have the arms of Olive Oyl (think Popeye) and usually have a pretty tough time using arm bands comfortably (especially while running).  This arm band stays on tight during my runs and doesn’t slip.  The clip is used to insert the phone into the arm band and is removable, but I tend to just leave it on so I can easily slip it into the armband without too much fuss (and you could also use it to clip on to a waist band) .

Marware SportShell Convertible Arm Band for iPhone 3G/3Gs


Running + iTunes = Cadence?

18 Jul

I can not live without music when I run. It’s truly what helps set my pace and keeps me pumped throughout my run (while keeping my mind off the pain of it all). I’ve recently put together a “run playlist” that I think is pretty solid. The only problem with my playlist…. when I run everyday, listening to the same 10 songs gets old pretty fast. To solve this problem, I wondered is “there an app for that?!”  Fortunately, I came across Cadence in the App Store.  So far, so good in helping me better organize my running music!


The deal: You set your desired Beats Per Minute (BPM) and Cadence picks out the music that matches the beat. There is also an additional desktop which will analyze the BPM of your music, this way you can create playlists based on how much you want to move! The app is $4.99 and the desktop is a donation of your choosing where 20% goes to charity (desktop at: http://www.cadenceapp.com).

What songs MUST make an appearance in your running playlist? Do you have any experiences with this app?

New Gear

13 Jul

I truly from the bottom of my heart believe that when you have new workout gear you are more motivated to work out. My theory, while not scientifically sound, gives me a fun excuse to shop! Since I’ve started running daily (training for my first 5k), I’ve noticed my old college t shirts and shorts I’ve had since high school are no longer cutting it. Even though I desperately needed new threads, I was picky in my search for new running gear. Check out some of my new favorite purchases.

Champion Double Dry Shorts, $20 Sports Authority

These shorts are great for running and what’s better is the price. I bought 2 pairs on sale at Sports Authority for $15 each (normally $20). These were the cheapest running shorts compared to equivalent competitor running shorts. Biggest bang for the buck!

Nike Dedication Long Top, $28 store.nike.com

I love tops that are long! I’m 5’7″ and have a longer torso. I just hate it more than anything when I take off running and have to continuously pull down my top so my midriff isn’t exposed to the neighborhood. Long workout tops are awesome! I also purchased a top with a small pocket in the back. These may have been around for a while but they were new to me! Now when I’m running I lock my door and throw the key in the pocket (a step up from the bushes!).

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero+ 4 Running Shoe, $99 Finish Line

Something about the LIVESTRONG sneakers draws me in like a mosquito to those snappy blue things. I love them! I previously owned a pair I had purchased from Nordstrom that were pink and white. They were the first sneaker that I ever got complimented on (and really, who compliments sneakers).

Champion Compression Sports Bra, $30 Champion

I’m super picky about my sports bras. My sister is a big fan of sports bras with cups in them, me not so much. For high impact workouts like running, I prefer a compression sports bra.

New Balance Headband, $4 New Balance

This is my secret workout weapon. I know it’s kind of 80’s of me to be sporting a workout headband but I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sweater. This sweat headband truly protects my hair from becoming a very sweaty mess.

Have you picked up any new gear lately? Please share!

Get Running!

12 Jul

I have NEVER been a runner. I think it’s because I always felt it was a little …. boring. I guess I always thought of myself as one of those people that thrive in group fitness settings (e.g. Pilates classes). Well, recently my husband brought up the idea of running a half marathon together (he’s not a runner either so this was a VERY ambitious goal). Luckily, I was able to talk him down to a mere 5k.

In order to get in shape for this 5k, I figured I should probably start running. I ran 2 miles on a treadmill and felt like I was going to vomit. After talking it over with some coworkers, I found my approach was all wrong. Apparently just taking off running is not the best way to get in shape for these distance runs. One coworker suggested an IPhone App to help me get going. It’s called “Running Trainer 5k” ($2.99 for IPhone version) and it’s AWESOME. The idea is get your music going, then start the App. The App tells you when to run and when to walk. It’s basically interval training where you run a short amount of time and then walk a short amount of time in order to help build up cardiovascular strength (I hear it’s affectionately referred to as HIIT). With the coaching from the App, I’m feeling like a truly empowered runner!