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New Gear

13 Jul

I truly from the bottom of my heart believe that when you have new workout gear you are more motivated to work out. My theory, while not scientifically sound, gives me a fun excuse to shop! Since I’ve started running daily (training for my first 5k), I’ve noticed my old college t shirts and shorts I’ve had since high school are no longer cutting it. Even though I desperately needed new threads, I was picky in my search for new running gear. Check out some of my new favorite purchases.

Champion Double Dry Shorts, $20 Sports Authority

These shorts are great for running and what’s better is the price. I bought 2 pairs on sale at Sports Authority for $15 each (normally $20). These were the cheapest running shorts compared to equivalent competitor running shorts. Biggest bang for the buck!

Nike Dedication Long Top, $28 store.nike.com

I love tops that are long! I’m 5’7″ and have a longer torso. I just hate it more than anything when I take off running and have to continuously pull down my top so my midriff isn’t exposed to the neighborhood. Long workout tops are awesome! I also purchased a top with a small pocket in the back. These may have been around for a while but they were new to me! Now when I’m running I lock my door and throw the key in the pocket (a step up from the bushes!).

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero+ 4 Running Shoe, $99 Finish Line

Something about the LIVESTRONG sneakers draws me in like a mosquito to those snappy blue things. I love them! I previously owned a pair I had purchased from Nordstrom that were pink and white. They were the first sneaker that I ever got complimented on (and really, who compliments sneakers).

Champion Compression Sports Bra, $30 Champion

I’m super picky about my sports bras. My sister is a big fan of sports bras with cups in them, me not so much. For high impact workouts like running, I prefer a compression sports bra.

New Balance Headband, $4 New Balance

This is my secret workout weapon. I know it’s kind of 80’s of me to be sporting a workout headband but I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sweater. This sweat headband truly protects my hair from becoming a very sweaty mess.

Have you picked up any new gear lately? Please share!