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14 Jul

Ok. So I admit it. I’m becoming self-tanorexic! I’ve been looking for an affordable, easy to use,  non-orange self-tanner that didn’t stink or leave me looking streaky. I don’t think this is too much to ask for from a self-tanner, do you?

For the past 3 weeks, I have been using Neutrogena’s build-a-tan. It goes on as a lotion, smell’s decent (although my husband thought it reminded him of laundry detergent), and as long as you rub it all in, won’t leave you streaky! Since I started using it, I have noticed my skin is golden and glowing. I began using it every day and now have gone to every other day as to not tip the tan to orange scale. The best part about this product, its $9 and has a convenient pump!

Let’s face it, everyone looks better tan.  This self tanner allows me to look tan without the risks (e.g. skin cancer) or long lasting effects (e.g. WRINKLES). Many reviews on the internet have indicated this tanner is not top notch. I find this interesting because I think it’s pretty good. I’m excited to discover what else is out there! Any recommendations?

Tip: I found that exfoliating in the shower before application REALLY helped minimize streaking.