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Life After Soda

27 Jul

We’ve all heard time and time again, “Soda is bad for you. Don’t drink it.”  I always assumed this sentiment was only true about regular soda.  It’s loaded with sugar (and calories), and this is obviously not good for you.  Up until recently, I’d been drinking an average of one diet soda per day and not thinking too much of it.  I discovered that soda, even DIET soda, isn’t really good for you at all.  For one, a skinny girl HATES to be bloated.  It turns out that the carbonation in the soda can cause bloating and other gastrointestinal issues.  Also, soda can contribute to dehydration, heartburn, and increased blood pressure.  Another issue with soda, specifically diet soda, is the aspartame.  Even though it’s technically safe, there is a huge list of health issues attributed to aspartame. Since I started reading up on soda, I’ve been trying to stay away from it.  I’ve gone a couple weeks with only a soda here or there and it’s no longer part of my daily routine.

I’ve since switched my daily soda for water (since I wasn’t drinking nearly enough).  I think this change alone has made a great difference in my skin, bloating issues, and overall hydration. Let me be clear, I don’t think soda is evil and will still have a sip from time to time. I’m just a lot more aware of some of the potential consequences of drinking soda (especially on a daily basis).

Are you a soda drinker or anti-soda?  Do you ever think about the effects of soda?


Fish Oil Follower

15 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, I was in our local drug store shopping for a multivitamin when another product caught my eye. It was packaged in a cute, eye-catching box and said “Mood Stabilizer for Women.” I quickly grabbed the package and scanned the side to find the main ingredient, which turned out to be fish oil. I never really knew why people took fish oil, just that stores sold it (so people must be taking it). I started to do my research and was quite surprised by the results. Turns out, this stuff contains DHA and EPA (essential fatty acids) thought to help stabilize mood and possibly curb depression. Another interesting benefit of fish oil is its potential to prevent certain cancers.

After reading this stuff I thought, WHERE DO I SIGN UP? I’ve been taking it for a couple weeks and so far so good. What are your experiences with fish oil?